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We are expecting kittens!

Now I think I dare to announce that Vendy is expecting!

Our problem is that we don't know when the mating took place... Vendy got pink tits long before she "should". Vendy was together with Leo between the 3rd and 21st of February and they were very good friends all the time. They were not seen mating until the evening of th 20th, but Vendy's tits were pink already one week after that. So they simply must have mated long before that. For some reason they mated again, even though Vendy was already pregnant. Maybe they fell in love? ;-)

However, regarding Vendy's weight gain, we THINK the kittens will be born around the 12th of April. Today Vendy has gained around 400gr and which makes me think she is around day 30.

Keep out an eye for news here!

150310 vendy 1.jpg

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