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Kittens born 3/5 2018


S*Flax Johnny Boy "Rufus" (boy) -lives with Helan and Janis and RUS Elise in Åkersberga.

S*Flax Johnny Thunders "Åskan" (boy) - lives with brother Råttan at Evas house in Stockholm

S*Flax Johnny Rotten "Råttan" (boy) - lives with brother Åskan at Evas house in Stockholm

S*Flax Jolly Roger "Jolly" (boy) - livse with markus and Josefine and RUS Elias in Stockholm.


2018-04-02 09.14.03_edited.jpg

S*Barynia's Vendy Darling x DK*Kirstejn's Prinz Achimov BlueDane

Click HERE for pedigree


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