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Kittens 1 week

All eyes are almost fully open and world starts to widen. Kittens are crouching around the nest and looking over the edge. How much do they see?

Little Tabby Boy is now almost as heavy as Light Boy now and is the most adventurous, he explores all corners of the nest by himself but is also peeping a lot. He is the most talkative kitten of them, while Light Boy seem to be a calm kitten who likes to sit with mama. Girl is also adventuring around but is not talking so much about it, she seems the most independent one so far.

In a fes days we will have to find a new nest with higher edges, but Vendy is not positive about the moving idea so far. She lift them back into the original nest in the wardrobe when I move them, in despair of not being listened to, she even tried to jump into the linen cabinet with two of them. Then I realised they must stay in the wardrobe until Vendy decides otherwise. Mummy know best.

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