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We are expecting kittens!!!

Vendy is expecting kittens in the beginning of June - We couldn't be more happy and proud!!!

The handsome father is Wynterwynd Moon River who lives in Kuopio, Finland with Kaisa Savolainen and Lolcat's cattery. He is also co-owned with the catteries of Katzenhof and Shady-Lady's - thank you Kaisa, Mette and Kaisa for letting us use River! River who is not only a very goodlooking young guy from America, is also the kindest, most patient and soft-tempered male you can imagine. Also River's mum Kaisa has the most extraordinary patience since she let not-always-so-easy princess Vendy live in her bedroom for over a month! Thank you Kaisa!

Click HERE for pedigree

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