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Full name: Barynia's Vendy Darling

Born: 15th November 2012

Sire: Mistlurens Nestor

Dam: Barynia's Signe


Vendy is our beautiful breeding queen with truly classical Scandinavian looks. She has a really really short nose, a wonderful angle and big deep green eyes. Her ears are big and wide, but could be set a little lower to please my taste. She has an extremely short silvery coat, but could need some more plush to it.  She has the sweetest little puffy whiskerpads which I love and that makes her face soft and balanced.

Apart from really good looks she has a temper that is both super soft and loving, but still with a huge character. Vendy is SMART,  to put it short. She is sometimes a little shy, but always very curious and goes well with most of our other cats.

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