About us

My name is Charlotte and I live with my boyfriend and our six cats in the beautiful suburb of Stockholm, Gröndal. Cats have always been a very importand part of my life and I got my first cat - a Persian - when I was 12. Since then we have had many cats and kittens of all kinds of breeds in my family and raising beautiful and loved kittens has become my main hobby. When I am not with my cats I am working as an architect, deisgning houses, cottages, extension, interiors etc. If you are interesterd in my work, please visit my homepage www.bredbergark.se

S*Flax cattery is a very small cattery and started in 2005 as a Ocicat breeder. We had two wonderful ocicat litters but since 2006 we are only in to the sublime breed of Russian Blues. 
Russian Blue is a social and intelligent breed. They are creative, independent, playful, kind and with a great sense of humour.

We don't breed more than one litter a year and every "Flaxkatt" is lavished with love and attention and is always seen as an individual. They participate in all activites in our home and are used to other cats, travles and a lot of people.