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Full name: DK*Malevitch Peacekeeper Angel Eyes

Born: 14th November 2018

Sire: Velva's Singing in the Rain

Dam: SE*Zeldor's Eowyn


Agnes is my "love-at-first-sight-kitty". I saw a picture of her on Facebook Christmas 2019 when she was 6 weeks and her eyes just grabbed my heart. And she could be mine - I'll be forever grateful to Maria Malevitch for this perfect little beauty.

Agnes lives with Vera at Lisa's family. Agnes is a superlative kitty - the cutest, the craziest, the cuddliest. She is a lttle hyperactive, always on the run and always making trouble. She jumps right into the arms of the human she wants to cuddle, counting on being caught.

Agnes is mom of the N-litter and is expecting a litter with Flax Minimus nov 2020.

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